January 15 -19, 2022

with Mitch Nur, Mike Tamburo, & Thomas Orr Anderson

  • Created to explore multiple aspects of the Soundscape - from different combinations and approaches... to the instruments in your personal collection…. to your interaction and relationship with the sounds in the world around you... Gong and the Soundscape offers many entry points...not only into creative music making, but also creative living.

  • At the heart of this course... we will be exploring how different instruments play together and how participants can consider new relationships and possibilities in the Soundscapes you create. We will explore playing techniques, interactions, tone, time, interval relationships, beating, rhythm, timbre, layering, blending, sound, silence, nature, psycho-acoustics and listening.

  • This course will inspire creativity, openness, possibility, good listening, confidence, presence, new techniques, interactions, considerations, and both improvisational & compositional skills... to meet the developing needs of the modern Gong players.

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Course Requirements & Recommendations

  • ZOOM Account: The live video lessons will be powered by ZOOM and a ZOOM account is required for all participants. Sign up for free at: https://zoom.us/

  • A SoundCloud account is required for all participants in this course. SoundCloud will be used for students to share their own audio recordings with Instructors during course. Sign up for free at: https://soundcloud.com

  • It is recommended that you have a variety of mallets for this course - ie. small mallets, medium mallets, large soft mallets, friction mallets.

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Co-Founder / Senior Instructor

Thomas Orr Anderson

Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A. is a physicist, musician, acoustical researcher, author, teacher, athlete, Nature-Lover, and Qi Gong instructor. Thomas holds bachelors and masters degrees in physics with a diverse scientific background, specializing in a broad range of domains including black holes, holographic science, and chaotic systems. For the last two decades, he has devotedly explored the magic of sound in countless domains, from university laboratories and integrative health facilities to indigenous dance ceremonies and ancient Maltese temples.. His extensive studies in physics, music, and natural healing naturally combine into a great devotion to sound therapy, in which field he has established himself internationally as a renowned expert teacher. Professional Inspirer, Lover of Nature, Teacher of Teachers

Co-Founder / Senior Instructor

Mike Tamburo

Mike Tamburo is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, music facilitator, interdisciplinary sound and recording artist, video artist, sound therapist, writer, meditation teacher and avid traveler. Tamburo gained early notoriety for his playing and composing on string instruments (hammered dulcimer, guitar and shahi baaja). In many of his early performances he began to enter into altered states of consciousness and have out of body experiences while performing. In order to understand and hone these experiences he went into years of self study; exploring Kundalini Yoga, energy work, the therapeutic use of sound and how sound impacts consciousness, human perception and self healing. His love for long sustained drones, overtones and psycho-acoustics led him to working with multiple gongs and other tuned metal instruments (bell plates, singing bowls) in composition, improvisation and most recently as Gong course designer and Gong workshop facilitator.

Senior Instructor

Mitch Nur

Drup Shen Pa (Bönpo title) - Mitch Nur, has spent nearly 5 decades as a Archaeomusicologist, Sacred Sound Researcher, Practitioner and Teacher. An authority on Sacred Sound instruments and applications as it pertains to ritual, ceremony, sound therapies, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal transformation. His engagement with the compassionate teachings of the East, combined with his shamanic training, gives him a unique perspective among today's teachers. His Tibetan name is Menghak Rinchen, which means 'precious esoteric wisdom'. Referred to as the 'Indiana Jones of Sound Healing' by many of his colleagues, he is a member of the Society for Ethnomusicology, and the HIstorical Society of Pennsylvania.